Sight Word Ninja!

My son is responsible for memorizing at least 50 words for his Kindergarten class. Every day after he completes his normal homework we review his sight words and add a word or two every few days.  This means that every day after his main homework is done, we move on to the flashcards.

Well... now that we are several weeks into school he is bored. Do I blame him?  Ummm... No!

This past week I was so frustrated with his attitude that it made our homework time just dreadful!

I want  learning to be fun!

So while I know it is annoying him to see the same words every day I also know it is imperative that he has the repetition so that he is able to learn, and retain these words.  These are his building blocks to reading.

Yesterday it was a new day... a Monday... a new week... a new start... so we would try a new thing.

I decided to play to my son's strengths. He is best when he is engaged. He can be active, moving, and learning at the same time. So my answer to our flashcard blues.... we shall play SIGHT WORD NINJA!

What do you need?

Sight word flashcards (CHECK !)


Nerf gun  (CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!)

How do you play?

You pick walls that do not have anything breakable on them ;) and you tape the sight words all over the house.  Slightly dangerous but it adds to the fun !

This is our family motto.  Fitting right?!

I had a trusty assistant for this process which got her involved and we were able to talk about the letters we were using in the words. The great part is that this activity can be done with any subject. Learning your numbers? Letters? Addition? Subtraction?  If you can put it on a flashcard you can be a ninja!

Then you ask the beginning reader to arm himself (or herself) with his Nerf gun of choice.

The shooter is to name the sight word and then shoot it. Simple.  Yet Oh SO Satisfying.

We made the game that we would time how long it took him to make his rounds and then next time we would see if he could beat his time. Repetition people... repetition.

The best part of this whole exercise ... He said..." MOM??  You did this for me?  This is awesome... this makes my words go by so fast!!!! "

Oh yes son... I did it for you... but your smile just did it for me =)

Until Next Time,