Here Comes Trouble!!

We have big news for the Kinder Keepsakes LLC Family!  We are expecting a new member.  In honor of Halloween we decided to make a themed announcement to let our friends in on the fun!

First off we have been singing the 5 little pumpkin rhyme for weeks now so we figured we would just roll with that!

5 Smith pumpkins sitting on a gate.

Mama pumpkin says 'oh my I think I'm late!'

Daddy pumpkin says 'there are babies in the air.'

Jacob pumpkin says' but we already have a spare'

Emma pumpkin says' this sure will be fun'

Baby boy pumpkin says 'in March I will be done'

Ooooo went the wind and out went the lights and our fifth little pumpkin came rolling into sight.

So how did you make your announcement?

Was it a surprise to your friends?

Until Next Time,