Warning... Loud Noises to Follow

I keep telling my kids they are not allowed to grow up but it seems they just are not listening to me.  My son had his sixth birthday on Friday and oh boy did the number 6 seem so much bigger than the number five. It seems my 'little' boy is not so little anymore!
As a rule our family does not do large friend birthday parties every year. Last year we had a large gathering for his 5th birthday so this year was going to be a small family celebration with cake, ice
cream, and some gifts from the fam.

Even though our celebration would be smaller than last year I want to always make sure that my kids know that their birthday is still their special day and they are still going to celebrate in fine fashion!

This year was no exception to that rule. We came up with a fun way to surprise our big boy and give him a special moment to remember.

While he was off at Kindergarten for the day my husband and I took $6.00 worth of quarters and put them inside of 24 balloons. One quarter per balloon. We then blew up the balloons and spread them across my son's bedroom floor. We then blew up an additional 75 empty balloons and added them to the picture!  It would now be my son's job to pop the balloons to find his  birthday money!  Crazy  yet super noisy and fun.

The best part is that my son is starting to read. By read, I mean he has memorized about 24 sight words and we were able to make directions to post on his door with his safety pin so that he knew what to do before he entered!  He felt awesome and old because he could read! He must really be a six year old!

Warning- this is obviously not a great idea to do with smaller kids. There are balloon pieces flying everywhere and the safety pin is a bit of a hazard but for 5 and up it is so fun. If you hate balloons popping you will hate it but your kids will love it.

What a memory for him to have. It is so fun to listen to him explain this to friends and his out of town family. He is proud of his moment and we are proud of him.

Until Next time,