Bento Box? Is that a real thing?

I know that some people are super creative and show not only their creativity but also their love for their children through the design of their kid's lunches. I am not in this category. If I get all of his favorites into his  lunch he is going to consider it a win. With that said, I am not above throwing a note or two into his lunch to keep it fun and just to give a smile, hug, or wave, to my kindergartner during the day!

The best part of this is that my son can't read so if I put a note in I need it to be eye catching and almost self explanatory because he can't read all of the words yet!

Problem solved...  check these fun notes out that are super easy to print and throw in a lunch.  Are you ready to be the cool mom yet?  j/k

Have fun including a little wink to your little one.

 PS- check out the blog that is linked to this... they have some super creative ideas!