Post 300 & Our Family Fun Jar

I can't believe that we made it to our 300th post on our blog!!  Yay!  I know for some of you bloggers out there it may not seem like a lot, but for me this is huge.  Every little milestone leads us to the bigger milestones and that is how we move forward.  Baby steps...

These past two weeks I am sure that you have noticed that we have been little sparse in our posts.  We have always made it known that before anything else, our families come first.   Even before business.  Because of that we have not been as engaged on facebook, blog, twitter etc.  But we just wanted to let you know that we still love ya'll and really appreciate your support.  I'm not gunna lie, some days I feel like I am going to spin out of control and other days I feel like I am conquering the world!  So we just take it one day at a time.  I like to think of it as an ebb and flow relationship.  But through it all, we manage; and we are happy.

I wanted to re-connect with my kids and actually have fun with them.  Give them something to look forward to each day where they would have my full undivided attention for 30-60 minutes.  I was searching pinterest and of course I found all kinds of really cool things that I could do with them.  But after about 45 minutes of searching and pinning and getting really excited, I realized that it doesn't have to be this perfect, pulled together, blow your socks off kind of fun.  It can just be the regular simple things that make a difference.

I love pinterest for all the ideas, and I will still be pinning all day long, but I just decided to do the best I could with what I had, and make memories my way.


I got an old Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate can.  (Yes, I do drink hot chocolate in the 90 degree heat in the summer...I know I'm weird.  But there is just something about drinking hot chocolate that makes me happy.  So I do.  Even in the summer.)  Ok, I digress...

I covered the Swiss Miss can with purple construction paper and wrote on the can "Family Fun Jar."  (I know it's a can, but jar sounded jar it is.)

The I proceeded to write down 31 fun things that I could do with my kids.  Not on cute little Popsicle sticks, or pretty paper or anything cutesy.  I chose bright neon orange and green index cards.  (because that is what I had on hand to work with.)  And no, I did not type it up.  Each index card was handwritten, bad handwriting in all it's glory.

You know, when it comes right down to it, my kids won't care if I spent 5 hours or 5 minutes making our "Family Fun Jar."  What matters to them, is each day we will be able to  pick out one of our special bright orange or green index cards, read the horrible handwriting and then make precious memories together.  They will remember the time spent together, not how cute the jar was.  So if you have 5 hours, go for it!  But for me a "Family Fun Jar" made in 5 minutes is just as special.

Here are the 31 things I put in our jar.  But you can customize them to fit your family however you like.

1.  Visit the park
2.  Dance party!
3.  Make your own home videos, and then watch them together
4.  Draw a picture or write a letter and send it to a friend of family member.
5.  Spa day (hair, make-up, painting nails)
6.  FREE CARD (the person whose turn it is, gets to decide what we are doing.)
7.  Make a craft
8.  Make your own fashion show
9.  Play with play-dough (or make your own)
10.  Treasure hunt
11.  Go on a nature walk
12.  Sensory activity (water table, rice bins, sandbox, bubbles etc.)
13.  Cleaning helper (pick a job and you all work on it together)
14.  Build a fort
15.  Cook something together
16.  Read a book
17.  Play a board game
18.  Create and color your own book
 19.  Paint
20.  Library
21.  Go for a photo walk (take your camera with you and take pictures of things you see)
22.  Do puzzles together
23.  Go to the zoo
24.  Play date with siblings or friends
25.  De-clutter a room in your house and donate what you don't need anymore
26.  Visit the pet store
27.  Do a science experiment
28.  Mini movie marathon
29.  Make an obstacle course
30.  Put on a puppet show (even if it is just with some old socks)
31.  Play restaurant 

So here is to putting family first and to being able to juggle it all and be happy in the process!

Until next time!