I'm Enough

You would think that after almost 6 years of parenting I would realize that you are going to have a few rough days but apparently this was news to me yesterday. Thus particular day seemed to come out of the blue and smack me between the eyes. Just when you think you have it all together... your routine is established, kids are behaving, you volunteer where you are needed, after school activities are signed up for, story-times are attended, soccer schedule is properly planned out.... this is when these days will hit.

One if not both of my kids seemingly get a giant memo that says Mom thinks she has her stuff together time to flip this script.  My littlest (who rarely gets into trouble) went into timeout after arguing with her preschool friend  about a toy at school and my son decided he wants to play during learning time in Kindergarten and got a note home from his teacher.  Both minor offenses,  but when that is coupled with lack of listening and disrespect at home oh boy do you add up to a frustrating day for this mom.   Due to the fact that I stay home with my kids  I usually take their bad behavior to be a direct reflection of the job that I am doing as  mother.  While I can say that I completely understand how irrational that is as I am not 100 % responsible for every choice made by these little hooligans I can't seem to get my emotions to react in a logical way.  Thus, yesterday I was sad. Sad that my kids were struggling, and sad that they were not acting in a manner matching their potential.

 I was sad and I felt like a bad mom.

I don't think that we talk about these days as moms. I think we talk about how tired we are, and then we gloss over the rough days with happy facebook pictures and instagram shots of our amazingly awesome fall-craft-making-kids.

Don't get me wrong... I can pump out an amazing fall craft and let my kids cover themselves with glitter and leaves but we also need to talk about the flip side of life!

We need to support each other and reassure our mom friends that we are enough. That we are beautiful human beings trying to do the best job we can. Kids are going  to give us a few challenges, or million challenges and it is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows. The kicker is that you will get  a few days of just sunshine and those will make the clouds worth it.

Basically I just wanted to write this so that I reassure myself that I am enough and I am just what my children need.

Done and Done

You need more evidence that we all struggle?  Check this out. I saw this yesterday night and knew instantly that I needed to see this. Maybe you need to see it too =)

Until Next Time,
Here is to seeing some rainbows =)