Family Recipe Book

Something must be in the water people.... EVERYONE IS PREGNANT!!! It is amazing!  Must be this season in my life that all of my friends new or old seem to be having a spring baby. With that comes the inevitable meal train. I love doing this for friends and love it even more when a new fun twist is added!  What is this new fun twist I am referring to?

A Family (and friend) Recipe Book!

How does this work?  The idea is that everyone that is giving a meal or has a recipe that is perfect for a new or growing family sends a recipe card to be included in the Family Recipe Book.  

The first person who drops a meal off to the family also drops off the cookbook.  A fun and unique gift for the family with no pressure to cook anything. All the new family's meals will still be provided but now at least the recipients have the recipe for the meal that their friend or family member sent! If the card does not get included in the book the giver of the meal just attaches the card to the food when they drop it off!  As my daughter says... easy peezy Lemon Squeezy!

Can I tell you how unoriginal I felt when I had my first two kids? I could never decide on anything that would be fun and easy to feed my family when I was running after one toddler, feeding a baby, and really not sleeping. My family recipe book was a savior. I was able to open it up and use other people's brains for a bit!

Here's to helping!

Until Next Time,