Toy Box Makeover

Our new house has a playroom in the basement. When the kids want to make a mess, to  play with Legos, color 10,000 pictures, get every block out and build an amazing tower... that is where they go. If it is a mess... it can stay a mess! That is the best part of a basement - it is IN THE BASEMENT!  While I love do allow for a mess or two to stay, I also want to have places to put the toys when we clean up.  
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Our previous house  did not have a basement and all of the toys, including the toy storage spots were in my kids' rooms. So now I have a basement full of loose toys without homes!  Another issue that has come up with the basement not having toy storage is that with this being a new house and requiring several other projects... we don't want to spend the money on purchasing new toy bins and shelving.

What to do?

Well, as I said... we moved... so while we may not have toy bins, we certainly do have Ugly Plastic Storage bins and we need to use what we have.    Now how to turn my storage bin into a nice looking toy chest... 

Check out what the CREATIVE DOMINICAN did to turn her plastic bin into something worthy of an upstairs room =)

Here is the BEFORE:
Storage bin to toy box makeover.

Here is the AFTER
Storage bin to toy box makeover

Super cute and EASY!!

This Momma did use fabric instead of wrapping paper and a whole lot of hot glue but I do have to say that this was a great idea!  Also, when you attach the legs if there is a chance your child is going to be getting into the toy box you will want to pad the hardware on the inside! Super easy with a little foam and more hot glue!

Check out the play by play details on how to do this HERE!

So off I go to make toy box number two....

Until Next Time,