Nut Free Lunch Time!

We live in the South so school starts in August for us. That means school is right around the corner and it is time to start getting ready to pack some school lunches. Packing school lunches is a totally different game than it was when I was in school. The number of food allergic children has risen steadily since I was in grade school and now many schools have transitioned to be peanut free facilities.

 In my opinion it is pretty great for a parent of a peanut allergic child to be able to send their child to a school where they have to worry a little less about the number of PB&J's that are circling their child at lunch time. however because I am a parent to a non-allergic child I realized that I was not really aware of what I could send to school and what I couldn't!

Then I saw this...

This is a whole list of safe items that I can responsibly send with my child for lunch.  You want to know the best part? This is not a crazy, I have to mail in requests for these brands type of list. This list proves how easy it is to pack  a lunch for a nut free school as it contains safe snacks from brands like Lays, Kettle, Betty Crocker and more!

I always think... if it were my kid, what would I want someone else to do ? What simple steps could someone else take? Would I want to ever endanger the safety of another child? (hello NO!) What if my son has a best friend that has an allergy?  Should he not be able to sit with his best friend at lunch?

Moral of the story people... I think it is simple!  Make a few new choices when you are at the grocery store and it makes your lunch packing life a whole lot easier!

Until Next Time,