I Knew You Could

This is the week when my son starts Kindergarten! Woohooo!

We are all excited but this mom is a little nervous about being in the right place at the right time. I just think that we will figure it all out together! In order to celebrate the beginning of the school year we read a great book that I highly recommend to all young parents with kids starting new phases of life.

The book is  I Knew You Could!  and we received this little treasure originally from my son's favorite preschool teachers. I am forever grateful for this simple gift!

This is a wonderful book that gives encouragement and support for your little ones in an easy to read, rhyming, rythm. The description from scholastic reads 

This is So True! It is a wonderful way to acknowledge a transition, and celebrate it at the same time!

Here is an excerpt.

 So here is to tackling these new challenges and to starting our new adventures this week!

Until Next Time,