World's Greatest Test Tube

My son is a very active young boy, with a wild imagination, and the desire to figure out how the world works. One of my biggest goals this summer has been to funnel his powers towards good activities so he may keep his tiny active bum out of trouble! The best tool in my toolbox to accomplish this goal is his new science kit. I looked and looked to see if there was a kit that was made for kids under the age of 8. I wanted a set that he can take primary control over. Experiments that were appropriate for his 5 year old self. Experiements that  if I read the directions, that he could complete . Tests that he could do but his 3 year old sister could help with. We'll...I found a great option for us! To be fair this is for kids 8 and up but it is perfect for a mommy and me science session with younger ones as well!  Ages 3 and up that are not going to put things in their mouth!

I  am unapologetic about my love for these toys. This kit comes with several experiments that are super easy! If you are worried you would be of no help to your little ones because you hated chemistry in school.... Fear not... these are SUPER EASY!

I will let you see two of them but don't want to spoil the surprise for the remainder of the experiments like disappearing ink, making a supersonic bouncy ball, and making touchable bubbles!

Here is what it looks like to grow crystals...

Separate the different colored crystals.  Easy right?   Perfect for tiny fingers

Put the crystals in three plastic cups  and cover with about 1/2 cup water

Watch them grow and then dump them out on a plate after you have waited overnight!! CRAZY FUN! So fun to make observations about color, size, texture etc! Get your hands dirty!

 There are directions in each test tub that are super easy to read. They give you an idea of what they have provided and what you need to get before you start the experiment. I read,  and my son and daughter went searching about the kitchen to assemble their tools.  They felt like real scientists.  Little did they know it was all in my master plan to teach them listening and following directions.

Do you want to make some wiggly worms?  Well... you can!  This one takes very little time to do and my son fit this in his day at 7:30am.  I loved how excited he was to learn that he wanted to start it that early! I grabbed my coffee and let him have at it!

How cool are the worms?!!  The kids can touch them, roll them, feel the creation that they made.  Awesome way for some hands on learning. 

The great part about this set is that once you are done with the experiments you can keep all of the test tubes. Wash them out and use them to collect things on hikes or  to creek water. If you can a magnifying glass then you have a perfect place to collect samples. This is not just a one use wonder type of toy.

The company Be Amazing! Toys has several different versions of this science kit as well as larger kits that have more variety.  I know this because my son has already put it on his Christmas list.

P.s.  I was not paid to endorse this product I just think it is really cool and actually works in my family =)

So go make something cool!

Until Next Time,