I Am Not Sorry That You Are Hyper

It took me a long time to realize that my children are not quiet kids. That sounds dumb right? How could I not understand that my children are active, energetic and  powerful forces that I am responsible for aiming, directing and releasing into the world?   Well, I guess I did not realize it because I did not want to realize it.

 Hello denial!

I think most new parents want to have  quiet, well behaved, always polite, respectful, obedient children.  I have several friends who birthed these types of kids and  I sure do appreciate those qualities when we have play dates or visit restaurants!

 I however have children , two in fact, that want to test, challenge and explore the world around them...and that is also wonderful.
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When I look at my sarcastic, sometimes loud self, and my gregarious, sometimes blunt husband I think... where, or how was I going to get a quiet child?  Was I going to magically combine genes that I do not possess? Possibly I guess... but based on my High School biology class... chances were not good.

So why do I feel the need to say this?  I say this because I think that most parents feel like they are doing something wrong if they have to constantly correct, or instruct their little ones.  I want to give you a cyber hug and tell you it is ok that your kid pushes boundaries, tests the waters, frustrates you to no end because that kid is the kid that I am proud to have, and the kid that I will want to have if I am blessed to have another.

When your child wants to climb on the outside of the slide, wants to jump in every mud puddle, wants to have their hand up to answer every question, wants to sing endlessly in crazy voices in the backseat of the car, wants to choose their own purple skirt, green leggings, blue shirt and cowboy hat, refuses to take off their superman cape for dinner, refuses to put on clothing for dinner, wants to bake without a recipe, wants to turn their whole bedroom into a giant fort,  skins more knees than you can count, climbs every tree in your yard, tries to take home sand from the sandbox in their shoe, makes their body into art with markers,  or simply just pushes your nerves, know that with your love and guidance they will make it --  and so will you.

I needed to understand that it is ok for my child to ask to do these things, that there is a time and a place to say yes and that if I allow them to explore we are all often better for it.

Please don't take this the wrong way, no is still a word that I use more than I should to keep these little baby trains on track; however I have also let go of some of the smaller things in order to win some of the larger battles. My children understand what it is to listen and learn, to sit queitly if needed (they try hard at least) but they also know that mommy will get out the paints, or get out the baking ingredients and let them be the creative, active kids that they are.  For it is their gift to me to let me see the world through their eyes. To allow me a glimpse at how their tiny active brains work. To see the glorious things that they come up with once I give them  permission to just be themselves.

So when you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out games or activities to keep your kid busy know that your kid's energy will make them a powerful force later in life. That is right, if you are able to focus their energy for good then your child has a chance to lead the world. As one of my wise friends said to me, your child will get things done and lead others to want to do that too. What a great compliment.

I don't want my kids to be passive participants in the world.  I do want them to be respectful people, and understand that there are rules for a reason, but I also want them to push boundaries, explore, and make sure that they live their lives to the fullest.

So the days that have been so crazy that  you just can't fathom how you will make it through.  Just know you will.  You will run, skip, hop, jump, roll, and probably fall across the finish line, but what a glorious race you will have run, and what an awesome prize your precious active kids will be.


Until Next Time,