23 DIY Ideas for Small Spaces

Living on a budget can be tough sometimes.  Believe me I know.  But you don't have to let that stop you from having a beautiful home with a little space to call your own!  You might be surprised how you can turn an every day closet into something much more!

I have  been looking for some fun ways to convert the space I already have into new and exciting (and efficient) spaces.  Check out 23 ways you can store your stuff in small spaces!

Some of the ways include:  peekaboo storage sacks for toys, mini shelves for laundry closet, floating wall night stands, magnetic spice rack and so much more!

I would show you all the ways here but this page has a tutorial linked to each one.  (Which is really nice!)  So check it out!!  Enjoy!  And let's make the most of our small space!