My family is a bunch of gamers! Now in today's world that title means that we are awesome at video games and technology. That is not the case, we are old fashioned gamers, board game playing, card shuffling, Connect Four, Trouble, Sorry, Candy Land and  Pictionary playing gamers. Almost every single week we make it a point to try and  sit down with the family and play an interactive game. This is something that I happily incorporated from my own childhood as some of my fondest memories are playing games with my family and extended family around my kitchen table. As I grew, so did the level of competition, and so did the trash talk. Now I have not taught my kids the trash talk.... yet....  but I do love that they request to play games and have a thirst to gather as a family.

Of course I mentioned some of the regular games above, but there are so many wonderful games that just never get much mention at the big box stores so people just tend to not know about them. One of these wonderful games that we stumbled upon thanks to a fellow game playing uncle of mine is YIKERZ !!

 This game is great for a wide range of ages. You can teach your kids about the forces of attraction, negative and positive forces, to win, lose, and follow rules! This game is played by placing the magnets on the game board one at a time and making sure not to attract other magnets while you do it. The first player to successfully place all of their magnets wins!  Sounds simple? Oh.... not as simple as you think....  Just wait until you have nearly all of your magnets down on the playing pad and you have to find about an inch of space to put a powerful magnet down without attracting its neighbors! What fun!  

The great part is that the boards come as four separate pads so that you can arrange the playing area to meet the needs of the group. Some patterns allow for easier placement thus facilitates an easier game with your kids!

Also, do you see the carrying case on the right of the first picture?   It is so small right???  Yes!  Everything goes right back in the case when you are done and it can be the perfect game to pack on vacation.  To be fair I originally picked this game as an adult game and  still think that is who it is tailored to, but my three year old and five year old play this happily and successfully as well!  The trick is to have the kids old enough to understand how to play and then of course still have parent supervision. As is the case in most games the pieces are about the size of a nickle and can be choking hazards for smaller tots. 

The moral of the story is to just try something different!  We found this because we love a challenge and we love a change!  Now all of the kids in our neighborhood know how to play the 'magnet game' and maybe it may make an appearance in their houses!  Just go find a game that sounds fun and give it a try! Get your family together and play. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find. 

Until Next time,