Style & Show

Having 3 girls you would think that I am really good at doing their hair right?   Well, unfortunately not.  I am more of the ponytail kinda mom.  But you know what??  I have been trying to become better at mastering the craft of doing my little girl's hair.  They are constantly asking me to do their hair like Anna and Elsa from the movie FROZEN.

How can I turn those sweet girls down??

So I began to feverishly look up any blogs or websites that might help me with my endeavor to become a "hair stylist mom".  I found this really cool website.

THE CUTE GIRLS HAIR STYLES  is a wonderful blog with tons of tutorials on how to do your daughter's hair.  I loved all the new and unique ideas.  So if you have daughters I recommend checking this site out!    The thing I like the most is they have wonderful video tutorials as well as pictures to help you as the beginning mom just starting out. (Which I definitely qualify. :-) )  So head on over and start styling! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Styling~

For those of you who are local to South Carolina, come check us out TOMORROW at the Midlands Baby, Kids, & Family Expo.  It's gunna be fun!  Hope to see you there!