Crazy Life and a Fresh Prince reference~

This is me... and this is how it feels right now... My life has been twisted, turned upside down. Now  its gonna take a minute just sit right there I will tell you how my life became a mess in a town called right here.
Come on... you have to love a good fresh prince reference right?!  I think I have been going a bit crazy this past week. Crazy enough that it has been hard to prioritize and fit in everything that I need to get done. I have work which is a bit nutty in a good way and then I have home which is a bit nutty in a crazy can't control everything way.
These past few weeks I have realized the need to just do one thing at a time and accept that if I do not finish everything  I am not failing at life, I am just allowing myself some grace.

I know ive pinned this before but it rings so true. I loved fearlessly. I can let go with grace.
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My husband has accepted a job that will move us about three hours away from our current location. With that we need to sell our house, find a new house, register for kindergarten, make the transition with my own work, reschedule or cancel camps, find programs in the new city,  cut patterns on 248 yards of fabric, and do this all while keeping things as normal as possible for my two tots.   Did I mention that we are all going on trip to Disney in the middle of all of this. No? well... we.  are.  CRAAAAZY!

The last part is the hardest - not the Disney portion - the keeping life normal for my kids!  My kids were playing in their room two days ago and my gut instinct was to tell them to put away the toys just in case someone wanted to look at the house. Ummm  no  Mom, that is not going to work. Kids need their time to play and exist with their own things!  So I have also given myself a few days off from my incredibly high expectations of myself.  I did not cut any fabric. I cleaned the house to a normal level, not the 'I Have Strangers Looking at my House level'.  While some may see this as procrastination I shall not! I see this as just giving myself grace. Do your kids need you to give yourself some grace? It is amazing how much nicer we can be to others when we are a bit nicer to ourselves. I know I will get these things done, and I don't let them get far enough away that they are unrecoverable.  If I throw about 30 more minutes at my house it is show worthy, if I bring in the correct color of fabric I will have my immediate needs covered in about an hour.  I will pick an hour and knock out a portion of what needs to be done.  It is all about perspective people!

"...know that you can take whatever the remains are of this day and live these hours in overflowing mercy and grace."  Grace to you, momma!