10 Meals to Make for Mom's with New Babies

Let's be honest right??  Having a baby is the most joyous thing the world!  You get to snuggle and hold that little one in your arms FINALLY after all the hard work you put into making your beautiful baby.  Nothing is sweeter than this!  However, once you get home everything changes.   The sleepless nights for the first few weeks and getting into a routine is so tough!  Even after you have had a few babies it's always an adjustment.  Cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind at this point.  You can't remember when you fed the baby last let alone yourself right?

Well, that is where your wonderful neighbors, family and friends rally around you in support.  I know when I had my 3 little girls, I was always so grateful when I didn't have to make dinner at night.  It was one less thing I had to deal with.  Since we just had a close friend have her baby two days ago, I have been thinking to myself, ok, what can I make that is different from the same old stuff that everyone else makes.  Not that those things aren't good...but I wanted to change it up a bit.  Well, I came across this wonderful blog that gives you 10 recipes to use for that very purpose!  Yay!  I better go get cooking!  Enjoy!

(I leave out the Bourbon)