Throw Back Thursday: Orange Julius!

Hey Ya'll! 

It's time for my weekly blog post!  Yay!  I know you have been waiting in anticipation all week.  I know I have!  Jenn has been full of so many good ideas this week, it has been really fun to see what she is going to come up with in her blog posts.  I just have to say, that I hope all of you have a friend like Jenn!  Someone who pushes you to be better and helps you to step outside of your comfort zone.  When you team up with wonderful people, great things happen!  

And let me tell you, we are a great team and we make things happen!  We have already accomplished soooo much in the last month and a half, that is just blows my mind where we could be in a year from now!  So stay tuned in because you don't want to miss anything!  We have so many exciting new changes coming in the future!

My theme for today is Throw Back Thursday.  Yay!  I know everyone does it on Facebook, but I thought it might be fun to do it on the blog too!  I'm sure a lot of you have been keeping up with the blog since I started back in 2009, but some of you have not.  So  I thought it would be fun for those of you who may have missed a good blog post from "way back when," to get caught up.  

So here is goes...drum roll please!  Throw Back Thursday PROUDLY PRESENTS:  


This blog post originated on March 3, 2012.  (I know, we go way

This was one of my favorites though because Summer is just around the corner, and who doesn't love a refreshing smoothie on a HOT DAY!  (Especially in South Carolina right?)  

And this is not your typical Orange Julius, this is a knock your socks off kind of recipe!  So sit back, relax and grab a glass.  And don't forget a straw!  Your taste buds will thank you later.  :)


Meal-Time Monday!
(See original post HERE from March, 2012)

Today will be a little different.  Instead of doing a full meal we are going to focus on one of my special drinks.  Orange Julius!  YUM!

My hubby found this recipe on the food network and it is seriously the best Orange Julius I have ever tasted.  Seriously!  We have been having one of these babies at least two to three times a week.  Especially since this nice weather is coming, it's making me more and more in the mood for this yummy drink.

 So sit back relax and sip this amazing, refreshing, super easy to make, Orange Julius!

Orange Julius
(This recipe makes enough for one person [8 oz].  So double it if you want it for 2 people.)

6.5 oz of fresh OJ (frozen in ice cube trays--this will be your ice)
2 oz of fresh OJ
zest of 1/2 an orange
1/2 cup of whole milk
1/2 tsp of vanilla
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar

Put everything in the blender and blend until thick and creamy.  (The powdered sugar is what makes the Orange Julius frothy.  Enjoy!