The Best Mother's Day Gift

My husband strives every year to find something fun and meaningful to give me for mother's day. While I appreciate him taking both of my kids out of the house to look for something Mama might like,  the one gift that I love more than anything is not found in a store. My favorite Mother's Day gift is super simple and super fun. Do you remember the TV show kids say the darndest things?  Well this is a take on that.  You ask the kids questions about mom and write down their exact, usually hilarious answers.  Check out these examples...

A questionaire for kids about mom!
Printable Here

On the next one I may omit the weight part... ;)
mothers day questionaire sm 1

The best part of this gift is that kids are super unpredictable and incredibly honest. If they think something they will say it.  I know my kids love me, but it is a true gift to hear their simple innocent answers as to why! 

So Dads.. print this and take 15 minutes to sit down with your kids and fill it out.  If they say that mom is a ninja... write it down...  maybe you will learn some new things about mamabear!

Enjoy this project, and enjoy the adoration of your kids.

Until Next time,