Spring Time Butterfly Garden

We have been enjoying some pretty toasty weather lately, and have been playing outside as much as possible. When we are sun soaked and ready come in we need an activity that will keep all of the little hands moving.   Want to celebrate some of the new life you are seeing outside on these pretty spring days?  Why not create a butterfly garden?

What you need for this project is scissors, a small foam sheet, foam shapes, pipe cleaner, clothespin, markers and glue ( I used the hot glue gun).
These Foam sheets are super versitle and useful for many crafts.

Step One: Have the child draw two large B's on the foam sheet for the butterfly wings.

Next Step is to have the child cut out the wing shapes from the foam sheet. This is great for hand strength and working on fine motor skills. Remember... your child is cutting... it will not be perfect but it will be great anyway!! Don't be tempted it fix small mistakes as that is what makes the craft unique!

Step three is to pick a foam shape for the head of the butterfly and attach the pipe cleaner antennae. I found for the foam that the hot glue gun worked best. Obviously this step is parent driven depending on the age. Usually I let the kids older kids pull the trigger of the hot glue gun but have instructed them to keep their hands off any other part of the gun and glue.

Next up is to attach the wings to the back of the clothespin with the hot glue and to clip the head with antennae in the clothespin.

Now let the kids decorate their butterflies!  Markers work great on the foam pieces so let them color away! Some of my kids put full faces with smiles on the butterflies, some just put eyes. I love to see their little imaginations go to town.

Final step is to bedazzle the beautiful butterfly.Glitter Glitter and more GLITTER!! The kids love being able to shake the glitter. I am crazy, and love to have the kids get a bit messy but I also do not want to sweep my floor every 5 seconds. With this in mind, I use a cookie sheet to catch all of the extra sparkle. I did hot glue once again but each child was able to tell me what pattern, or shapes they wanted on the butterfly. They picked if they wanted to put glitter on the head or not.... Each child was making a very different butterfly.

Now you have a beautiful Butterfly! And the kids can hang them and make a butterfly garden!!

Until Next time