Monster Finger Puppets!

Yesterday we were stuck at the house all day while we had our entire heat pump replaced. The joys of home ownership right??! Well during that time we decided to break out my craft bins and see what we could make. The three year old grabbed the scrap pieces of felt and started wrapping them around her finger and pretending she had made a puppet!  Well, no need to pretend... Lets make Finger Puppets!! And we were off....

This project is super easy and you only need a few items to complete the whole thing.  You will need two scrap pieces of felt. One big enough to wrap around your toddler's finger and one that is big enough to cut a small piece for the mouth of your monster.   Please note that this picture has a feather in it but you do not have to use them!

First step:
Cut a piece of felt that is big enough to wrap around your child's finger.  I used one big enough to wrap around two fingers to make it more stable for my youngest.

Second step:  Line one side with glue and wrap the felt piece in a circle

Step Three: Line the top with glue and press on the pom pom for the Monster hair

Step Four: Glue on the two eyes onto the felt piece

Step Five: Cut a small piece of fabric for the mouth and glue this on the felt under the eyes

Step Six (optional): If your kids do not like finger puppets but still want to make a monster just glue a popsicle stick to the underside of the felt.  This type of monster is great for puppet theaters!

See... super easy and a fun way to play with your tots!

Until Next Time