Kid Castles

I saw this post online yesterday....
It resonated with me... I want my kids to enjoy simple, old fashioned fun! During the day I want them to get out and play but then when they come inside I do not want them to just turn on the tv and zone like little zombie kids.  Oh, don't get me wrong... there are times when frozen needs to be in the DVD player and mama needs to do the dusting, or getting some work done. While I understand the need for that time I also do not want that to become the majority of time!  So yesterday I introduced my kids to something so simple, yet so engaging that they were hooked.

Card Castles!
Playing Card Castle by cal3star
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 My three year old totally could build this.... Umm no!   However, my three year old can build a two story house and she loved every second that she was building it.  My five year old could do the same amount and it was glorious to watch them both succeed and fail during the process. They sat there and worked on houses over and over for 45 sensational minutes! 

Awesome right!?  So much fun and yet so ridiculously simple as well. The best part of the whole night was that if they tried hard enough they could build a castle that was bigger than the one their Daddy had built.  It became a competition!  I guess their little fingers were an advantage in this equation!

So go try it and see what an awesome family time you will have!! Get engaged and try some old fashioned fun!

 Until Next time!