Free Creative Colorful Paint Swatch Party Banner!

Do you need a simple, super cheap way to decorate for your child's birthday, spring party, or other festive occasion? Check out this super cheap and awesomely colorful Banner!
 This is so easy that I almost couldn't believe it! I even had two tots helping (hence the one triangle that has the twine on the front. Don't was late... and I swear it was the 3 year old's fault ;) 

All you need for this banner is a hole punch, scissors, twine and the color cards you can pick up for free in the paint section of most hardware stores or big box store.  We chose orange purple and green as those are our company colors at Kinder Keepsakes . This banner looks fabulous in the house but it looks just as great draping out exhibit booth during festival time =)

First step is to cut the paint swatches into triangles. You can make  a template and then can several at a time so this step actually goes quite quickly... unless you have your toddlers helping. Helpful hint... I grabbed a few off color ones so that the tots would have their own and I could  make sure the ones that ended up like rectangles / circles were clearly not the color that had to be on the finished product. You can let them make their own and then make sure to hang it up for them so they can see their handiwork!

Next you take a hole punch and punch two holes in the top (largest section) of the triangles that you have created.  We used the center punch of the three hole punch as that is what we had in the house.

The last steps are to secure the end of the twine to the first triangle. You then weave twine through each hole and alternate colors to create the beautiful banner! We picked twine because we like the rustic look of it next to the bright colors, but if you have yarn or string it works  the same . Super easy, and if you have string on hand it is basically FREE to make! 

Happy Decorating!!
Until next time -