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This weekend was incredibly eventful. We are sorry we have been somewhat MIA from the blog for the past few days. Between festivals, birthday parties, puking kids we have been SWAMPED!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having a booth at the Batesburg / Leesville Poultry Festival for the first time.  Yes we  party for chicken!! We got up early, drove a short way over to the festival site and set up all of our Luvi's to share with the world. What an awesome day we were having chatting to some truly unique individuals. We met soon to be Great Grandmas, an awesome set of Foster parents, several grandparents, and sweet first time Mommy and Daddy sets too. What a pleasure to be able to provide them cuddly soft Luvi blankets for their precious babes.

  Aly and I were so enjoying our time not only talking with others, but having our own fun as two mommy friends sitting and chatting away to each other! That is... until we got the first phone call. Our lovely hubbies had offered to watch our 5 children while we were at the festival.  My husband called first to say that our oldest had thrown up on the driveway when they got home from the store.  My response was that it was nice of him not to have thrown up in the car!  I felt bad for J, my oldest boy, but knew his Daddy would be able to handle the clean up on the driveway rather than in his truck!  Hubby told me they were going to go inside and that everything seemed fine. Maybe it had been the chocolate milk that  he drank... we would see.  Oh boy did we see...
Shortly after my husband checked in Aly's followed with the same news... her oldest was throwing up too.  Oh joy! What to do? Normally if we were home we would take care of it, get the kids washed up and resting. We were not home though and could not do anything to help.  This is why I am thrilled to have such an awesome support network.  It continued on for our families that way for the rest of the day.  Once we got home our little ones decided that we should be included in the fun and they started throwing up as well!  Oh the joys of parenting!
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The whole episode made me laugh. It was our plan to go out, devote time to our business, and to be able to separate from the Mommy role for a bit.  What we realized is that we are Moms first, and Moms always.  No matter how much you try and live a bit of a divided life when you need to work you can't take the Mom part away from yourself. You rarely can even put it on the back burner.
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The other thing we learned is that we would never want to live in a world completely separated from our Mom identity.  We have learned what is necessary to include in our products becuase we have all of these crazy tots running around.  The fact that all of our wares can be thrown in the wash, run on a normal cycle, and come out good as new on the other side is because we have puking kids.  Well, maybe not the puking part... but definitely the kid part! Kids are so tough on things, we know that and we wanted to provide a durable, cleanable Luvi that kids can be kids with. We know these things because we are moms. Being Moms make us better business people. While you may see it is as a distraction I see it as a way to teach me prioritization and organization. I can set myself up for success by making sure that projects and ideas are attended to in the proper order.   Kids have taught me to not sweat the small stuff. When I worked in corporate America prior to having my first, I definitely had a harder time with big picture thinking as I would get stuck on smaller details.  Children teach you quickly that the greater goal is often much more important than the little stuff!
Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.

Aly mentioned during the show that she wondered if when we are moms to older children, or if our kids are  out of the house if we would still have the same drive and passion for the products that we sell.  My response was that we are ALWAYS MOMS.  Babies are always cute, and we are always Moms.  We may change and alter with the passage of time but we will still hopefully, happily soothe babies, and provide cuddly cute Luvies for the wee ones in the world.
I remember when I would be shy to talk in front of people or raise my hand to ask questions in class. The older I became, the easier it was for me to get out of my awkward phase. I took a college communication course senior year which helped me a lot. Now I work in retail and I talk to customers. Thanks to that communication class I get paid and love my job.

Motherhood is such a special and precious gift. We are both very lucky ladies to have been given the precious gift of children.  We are also lucky ladies to do something that we love to do. So a  happy belated Mother's day to all the women out there tirelessly working in the biggest job of your life! We are so thankful for all of you.
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Until Next Time,