New Products, Updates, and Free things... oh My!

We are blessed  to have the support of very loyal customers!  We appreciate every single one of our customers and love hearing feedback from the people that use our products! Based on your feedback, and  our desire to continue to produce a very high quality product, we have tweaked a few items and added some additional options to our line up!

The first awesome change as we head into graduation season is our redesigned GRADUATION ATTIRE!  We are now able to offer gowns with sashes, advanced degree gowns, hoods, and master caps.  No matter what degree you are receiving, we have the matching gown for your sweet babes.

Here are some are the new items...
 Has the family been there through the process of getting your masters or doctorate?  Let the little ones in on the celebration!
 We have added this brand new cap to our offerings ! Thank you for your feedback and letting us know it was something you were looking for!
 Really, how cute is this little guy?  Can you see the gathers in the front of his gown??  Exactly like the one you will be wearing on your big day!  Plus... this drooling man is in a completely machine washable fabric!
 Do you need a custom color? We can match your cap and gown to your school! Let your school spirit shine!

 The sash can be added to a normal gown as an additional option!

 The awesome part is that we can embroider your sweet child's name right on the gown. That is why we call it a keepsake.  What an awesome way to include your family , your support network, in  your celebration!

Besides the graduation attire we have also added a few new items to our baby line as well!  We want to give a sneak peak to a few changes but also let you know we have a few more awesome additions coming soon!!  Ohh... I can't wait!

We will start with our Luvi Blanket. This blankie is a treasured friend to many children and is now going to have his own little buddy on our product page. We have rolled out the addition of a LITTLE LUVI.
 That is right, same amount of comfort but 1/3 of the size. This product is made with the highest quality minky fabric and is incredibly SOFT! The size of this Little Luvi  is very  helpful for moms and dads  that are running out and do not want to bring their big LUVI.   Perfect for a family that is on the go!

Please don't think we are removing our traditional Luvi from the line up. That would never be the case. This is one of our most popular items as it allows your tot to have both their favorite blanket and stuffed animal in one.  The main description for this Luvi is COMFORT. I swear I would love to have one for myself some days ;)
There is big news for the big Luvi though.... They are getting bigger... more comfort and love for your little one!!?  Ok... we will take it!!  We wanted your babes to be warm and comfortable when they cuddle with our Luvi blankets and this will make that cuddle time even better!

But wait... there's more (ha!)  We are also adding new animals to our selection!  These little animals are soft just like the minky blanket, and have sweet faces to kiss the cheeks of your sweet children.  Pictures of the new animals will be coming soon! Who wants a Moose ... hint hint hint...
Lastly,  in order to send a little love back to our loyal supporters we are offering FREE EMBROIDERY on all of our Luvi Products for the next week! Just use the discount code APRILNAME14 in ETSY or just include embroidery for no cost from our website  !

Who is ready to SHOP?!?!