Money Money Money... Creative ways to give some green!

So now that you have a Kinder Keepsake gown for your little grad what do you get for the big graduate in your life!?  Well, I remember when I was graduating from high school and college the one thing that I loved receiving was money. Does that make me greedy??? -- I say no... and I will move on... lol

While I know that the graduate, including myself, wants to receive money and gift cards I do not like to just stick money in a card and say congrats.  I am ridiculous... I know!  So in order to make it interesting I have compiled a list of a few fun ways to be creative with your grad gifts. Give them what they want and make it fun to open as well!

First lets stick with the caps and gowns theme..

How fun is this graduation cap?!  This is pretty easy to do as you only need a bit of tape, a piece of cardboard and a ring of poster board that will fit the circumference of the grad's head.  You first tape a square piece of cardboard on top of the ring of poster board and cover the entire thing with dollar bills. Once done add a tassel and you have the complete gift! The grad has to remove the tape but really it is easy to assemble for you, and disassemble for them! I found this on a blog called Pickles and Ice Cream and thought it was GENIUS!  It sure is a fun and memorable  way to present someone with a gift!

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I am thinking of giving this one to  my good friend's little sister.  Once again, this gift is super easy to create. You take a box of tissue and remove about the top 1/3 of the tissues. Then line up the dollars that you want to give to the grad. Tape the dollars end to end, roll the stack, and then place it in the tissue box with one bill sticking out the top. When the graduate pulls the dollar the bills will come out one by one until the roll is finished. This is fun and if you use dollar bills the grad can pull for quite a while with a $40 or $50 gift!

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While I think I may have tried to live on Pizza in college... it really is not wise!  I love this idea because it connects some fun with a heart felt  message. The pizza base is the dollar bills and then the 'pepperoni' can either be quarters or dollar coins.  A bit of tape and you have pizza. The box is also big enough to add some specials thoughts to the grad so that they may have encouragement as they face the next steps in their lives.


Life is like a box of chocolates right!?  So give your Grad a box to remember. The really awesome thing about this is you can buy a box of chocolates and eat the chocolate yourself before you replace it with money!!  BONUS!



Money can grow on trees right!?  Well it can on this tree....  Just take a small pot, place coins in the pot to stabilize the tree. Then take a foam cone and put a skewer in it. Place the skewered foam  in the pot of coins and tape dollar bills to the cone! Funny and fun!

I saved the craziest one for last...  I actually thought this would be a funny way to give my son his allowance on a particularly stressful week!  I do not think it is for large monetary gifts as you can really only use coins so .... enjoy the mental image of someone opening this gift...
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I love how creative you can be with such a mundane gift!  Money will always be well received by grads but why not have a little fun in the process!

Have fun making memories...