Graduation for our Keepsake Kid

Time flies when you are having fun, and time certainly has flown for me lately!  It seems as though I blinked and this school year was complete!   What this means for me is that I have a preschool graduation to attend. What?!? My child is going to be a kindergartner?!  When did that happen?!    You would think that because we produce  infant, baby,  and toddler graduation attire that seeing my son in his cap and gown would not be a big deal. Um, WRONG!  This is momentous for me. He is not a baby, not a toddler, but a real live fully functioning kid.  Does this mean I am old?
She wants to be just like her big brother!
Check out the new graduation gowns!
In all seriousness I am so very proud of him. Yes preschool is not a high school graduation but I still think it deserves a congratulations, a few pictures, and a few special items to let him know I am proud.  I figured I would scale the celebration to the size of my wee one,  little preschool kid... little preschool party.  At his high school graduation he will be my 'big kid' and he will probably want a big party! 

For our little party I wanted to come up with a few ideas that would  fit his age, but could also be universal if you are setting up a larger event.

The first thing I think of when getting an event together is a theme. Well this theme is a no-brainer... Graduation!  The second thing I think of is FOOD! Nom nom nom...

 Unfortunately for my waistline, my tendency is to think about the sweets first and here is one of the most popular graduation cap sweet you can find. It is simple and chocolate so you really just can't go wrong. 
All you need to makes these sweet treats are Reese's Peanut Butter cups  , skewers, Godiva chocolates (or any candy that is a flat square)  and a little bit of fruit leather. I used fruit roll up because that is what I had on hand. 
Simple instructions...
1. Poke the skewer into the largest side of the Reese's cup
2. melt a couple pieces of your flat chocolate in the microwave for a  few seconds a small dot of the melted chocolate on top of the upside down Reese's candy.
4. press your Godiva piece on top to represent the top of your graduation cap!
5. Attach a small piece of the fruit leather on top with the melted chocolate just like you attached the Godiva piece.
Voila!  Done... and SUPER CUTE!

Well, if you are going to have candy I guess the child should also eat something more substantial before they did into their sweet treats?!  Probably a better parenting move...

So in order to stay with the theme here are a couple of easy and cute ideas for kid graduation foods for your kindergarten or preschool grad.

My little munchkin LOVES  goldfish so this would be a really cute option for a snack. The only thing I may change is to use the colored goldfish.

Of course the diploma is the best part of the graduation ... right!?  Well, that is also the easiest thing to make in food form.  You just take a tortilla and fill it with your child's favorite food. For my son, he prefers a little mustard and ham on his tortilla. If  I then roll it and tie it off with a licorice string  he has his very own edible diploma.

 This specific diploma  came from a great blog...Moms with Munchkins.. that had several kindergarten graduation ideas. I absolutely loved how simple the party was but also full of neat ideas.  Here are some of the highlights

These  are easy and completely age appropriate.  A few simple items and your celebration is complete!

If you are still looking for that Kinder gown for your graduation pictures stop by the website to check out the new graduation attire.

She went for her doctorate already ;)

Happy Graduation to all of our Keepsake Kiddos !