Fun Ways to Play with Shaving Cream!

We had the pleasure of going on an awesome play-date yesterday.   Our friend Miss Kelly is a great mom and she had a wonderful idea yesterday....TO PLAY WITH SHAVING CREAM!  Our five year old boys had been wanting to do this for a while and the three year old girls were eager to share in the mess!  A lot of fun was had by all and that experience inspired me to check out what other fun ways we can play with shaving cream!

1.  You can Just PLAY!  That is pretty much what we did. Each kid had a bucket and pretended to 'clean' the water table, and other kid toys off with it.  They spread it on themselves, laughed, giggled and had a marvelous time. All we needed to do was hose them off and hose off the driveway at the end. Clean up was a done in a jiffy!

2.   The next project we will be doing is a Dino Dig!
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  My kids love when I set up a pretend archaeological dig in the sand, so I figured why not just do it with shaving cream!?!  All you have to do is put plastic toys in the bottom of a plastic kiddie pool and cover it with a small layer of the cream. Super easy right!? While I would prefer to use fake dino bones I do not own them so we dig for the dinos instead!  If you do not have a kiddie pool then you can just do this in a bath tub and let them shower off afterwards.  I like to keep the kids outside for this type of thing and hose them off.  The kids just throw on their bathing suits and go to town.  The great part is that if you do not have dinos to dunk then you probably have a few cars or other toys that could be taken in the bath that would be perfect for this game!

3. Learning your Letters

The great part of shaving cream is it holds its form when you trace lines through it but mistakes are also easily erased by smoothing it back out again. This is great for when your kids want to, or you want them to, practice writing numbers and letters. Just smooth a small amount of shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let the kids take their index finger and draw the letter you tell them to.  When your kids get a bit older and are starting to learn letter sounds you can prompt with questions such as... What letter does the word apple start with? Can you draw that letter?   

4. You have to try this awesome party game... Synchronized Snack Toss

Visit parents magazine to see how to play this awesome game. Super easy and fun for all ages!

5. If you have the cheese balls from the previous game and shaving cream you might as well use them to learn something too...  You can use them for CHEESE BALL MATH!
 This is super easy to do and your kids will love it. 
This was an awesome pinterest find from NO TIME FOR FLASH CARDS !  You can use equations as in the picture above, or if your child is still trying to learn the numbers just use an individual 2, or 4, or 9 on the flash cards and let the kids throw the cheese balls at the shaving cream piles!

6. The next idea is pretty great for older toddlers. You can teach about the Weather. This is a perfect rainy day play activity. All you have to do is take a clear cup and fill it 2/3 of the way full with water. Fill the remaining 1/3 with shaving cream and tell the children that it is a cloud. You then describe what happens when a cloud gets full by placing blue food coloring on top of your 'cloud' and watching the cup start to rain.  

7. The last great idea is another pinterest find!  Shaving cream wrapping paper!  Essentially it is the same idea as when you paint with the shaving cream but  you use your final project to wrap teachers gifts, gifts for grandma etc.! You have your children mix around a few drops of different color food dye in a cookie sheet full of shaving cream. Then you place place a paper on top of the  shaving cream pile. Pull it off and let it dry. Then wrap away!  Super fun and creative.
Ok - who is ready to play? Sounds fun right?!

How about a high-five for fun!?

Enjoy making memories!