Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Its Spring Break which means both my kids are home all day, and we need a few activities to spice up the week.  In our house we also celebrate Easter so I love to tie in our extra activities with the Easter holiday. Due to the fact that I seem to hoard craft supplies I find it easiest to do a project or two to keep the kids entertained!  Here are a few Easter themed ways to keep your kids engaged and having fun over this Spring Break!

The first activity is perfect for the smallest ones in the house.  Potato Stamping!
How easy is it to cut a potato in half and then take a knife and cut ridges that resemble how you would decorate eggs!?  SUPER EASY.  You then just give your child a small amount of paint and allow them to stamp away!   We have a large roll of brown paper that we use for this activity so that when it dries we can use the kid's artwork as wrapping paper for grandparents' gifts!

Next up is a way to use up all that extra Easter grass that seems to go EVERYWHERE when we stuff an Easter basket

Just let the kids take handfuls of the grass and glue it to a paper plate. I would help my youngest cut the feet but if you are working on motor skills you can let your child do the cutting for the nose, feet, and feathers and then glue those on as well.  I also made a pig with this same idea because my daughter had pink grass in her basket that she received from G-ma!  Worked great. We attached a curly tail and a round nose and you had an Easter pig =)

 Recording a moment in time??  How about a Carrot Footprint?!
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This is great idea for kids of all ages!  You paint the child's toes green and then the remainder of the foot orange!  Easy footprint idea and the best part about it is you can put the date and your child can sign their own name. Making memories people...

My kids love to make up plays and stories so a BUNNY MASK is a perfect addition to our dress up bin!
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The picture basically describes just how to make this.  Cut a hole in a paper plate, attach two ears (make them out of card stock or heavier paper so that they are sturdy enough to stand up straight),  add a few whiskers and a popsicle stick handle!  Voila... bunny mask!!

If the footprint made you worry that your kid will take off running with a painted foot in your house.. try this... BUNNY HANDPRINT!
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This is very easy. You just need to have your kids do a white hand print excluding their thumb!  After the handprint dries you then color between the fingers to create the ear and add a pink circle nose. I used a black marker rather than paint for the eyes, whiskers and mouth. This allowed the kids to have more control over where they were making their marks!  Pretty easy to do and super cute!

Next up is something that is a little more time consuming... FLUFFY BUNNY!
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You will notice the pink footprints on this bunny. I call them optional. They are super cute but truly the craft is still really cute without them. Also... it makes it way easier and great for small tots if you exclude them.  You cut two circles of craft paper, one smaller one for the head, and one large one for the body. You attach a picture of your child's face to the small circle.  Then attach the small circle to the larger body circle.  Attach two pieces of craft paper in the shape of ears to the small circle. Color in the center of the ears. Then hand your child cotton balls and glue. I put the glue in a dish and put a large paintbrush in the dish to make the application easier for my youngest. Have the kids attach the bunny fur around the body!  Make sure to help them with the ears so that the middle pink portion is left without cotton! 

We have so far done carrots, and bunnies... how about an EASTER CHICK

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Trace your child's hands on yellow craft paper and cut them out.  Cut a large egg shaped piece out of the yellow craft paper. Then take orange craft paper and cut out the shapes for the feet and a diamond for the beak. Fold over the diamond and attach one end to the top third of the yellow egg as seen in the picture. Take the palm section of your child's hand and attach it with a brad to the top of the yellow egg.  Add the legs and eyes and you are done.  This is fun for older kids because it is a process and they get to follow your directions from a to b to c. It is great for preschoolers that need to be able to do project completion.

Want something easy and cheap to do... WINDOW EGGS
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These are so easy and EVERY age loves this. You just take a large coffee filter and cut it into the shape of an egg. Next, have the child color on it with marker. Then give the child a wet brush and add a bit of water the the filter. The colors will all defuse and give a true dyed Easter egg effect!

Ready for another bunny craft??  How about an EASTER BUNNY CUP?
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Simply take a white plastic cup, add pipe cleaner whiskers, a pink nose and ears and you are done. I found it easier to use hot glue (not too much or you melt your plastic cup)  and foam sheets for the nose and ears. You then need a sharpie to finish the mouth! 

The last one is super pretty and can be used as decoration in your house!! We hang these from our mantle the week before Easter. STRING EGGS
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Blow up small balloons. Then take yarn and dip it in mod podge!  Cover the balloon  with the yarn - note- the whole ballon does not have to be covered, spaces are fine and quite pretty! Let the yarn dry. Pop the balloon and remove it from the yarn!  Warning... this usually makes a mess and sometimes you have to use a knife to remove all of the balloon pieces but it is super pretty and worth it!

Have fun crafting with the kids!