Cool Gadgets for New Moms!

It has been a couple years since I had an infant but boy do I remember those days. The lack of sleep the general feeling of being overwhelmed... sounds fun right?  Well it is ... just not that part of it!
It is an awesome time and if there are a few fun items to make that stage a bit easier then why not take advantage!?!

Here are a few fun things that I wish I would have had when I had an infant!

DIY Timekeeper and Compliment Giver!!
Great gift for new moms!   Dry Erase Newborn Feeding Tracker via Etsy.  by @Committedgifts via @Etsy
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How simple  and easy is this!  You can use this schedule for anything, diapers, feedings, bed changes ... whatever you want!  You simply print the checklist, frame it, and use a dry-erase marker on it daily.  I know I could never quite remember when my tot was fed last (I blame it on the lack of sleep)  . This would have been a major help! Not to mention it gives a gentle a not so subtle reminder to our loved ones that mamma needs a little encouragement.

There are more high-tech options to time keeping as you see in the next picture but I love how this is DIY and a super cute addition to your nursery. If you still want to go the techy way then check this gadget out...
Cool Gadgets for New Moms
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This timer allows you to keep time for 5 different baby tasks!  I don't remember wanting to know that much but I think I might have been in a bit of a haze!

Latch Cover
The next item while it is not a necessity, in my last house it would have been a GODSEND! We lived in a 100 year old house that had original wood floors and doors. They were BEAUTIFUL but they were noisy!  The door handles squeaked when we turned them. When we closed the door inevitably we would make noise and wake the baby.  Not with this little gadget though...
Door Jammer - allows you to open and close baby's door without making a sound. Keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room.
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Fun and cute right!?!   I would have loved it!

Travel Warmer
Have to be on the go a lot and have no way to defrost your breastmilk or to heat your formula bottle? Not anymore... check this out
Bottle Warmer by Prince Lionheart®
bottle warmer by Prince Lionheart

This travel bottle warmer is REUSABLE, safe, and AMAZING!  There has to be some thought put into it though as you need to get it out and ready to go before you leave but that is fine because it really does solve a problem.  I remember when I was flying with my son and all I could find in the airport was freezing cold bottles of water. My son did not like to have freezing cold formula so I was stuck. Lets just say making your baby upset before you get on a three hour flight is NOT FUN!  We made it through but if I had a travel warmer I think we may have at least avoided one of the issues that day!

Paci Thermometer 
Cool Gadgets for New Moms
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Need to take Baby's temperature?  How about just handing them a pacifier and waiting 90 seconds?  What??? No need to hold baby's arm down over the thermometer ? No rectal temps? Ok!  This little baby comes with a medicine dispenser as well! The child just sucks the medicine through the pacifier.  The only problems I see with this is getting an accurate reading as rectal temperatures are generally thought to be more accurate. 

Nursing Pillow

Cool Gadgets for New Moms
nursing Pillow

If I am being completely honest this nursing pillow just struck my fancy because of its cup holder!  When I was nursing I felt as though I was tied to one spot for a little bit.  Do not get me wrong, it was a glorious opportunity to stop and enjoy my baby!  If i could do that and also keep my bottle of water with me... why not!  The big thing about a nursing pillow is that it take the strain off of your back and arms. That is why you buy a pillow... not the cup holder... but really... the cup holder is cool!

Sound Machine

Cool Gadgets for New Moms
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Did you think you would love adding noise to your house after baby!?  Yes!!  A white noise machine is a great addition to baby's nursery. I used to play a lullaby cd for my first but found it much more efficient to use a noise machine for the second. First off I was really tired of the lullaby cd after about the first week, secondly the cd player is often a bit more unreliable for continuous smooth noise!

Month by Month Stickers
I wish I would have done this for my kids... 
Baby Onsie Month Stickers Baby Monthly Stickers Girl Monthly Shirt Stickers Chevron Baby Shower Gift Photo Prop Baby Milestone Sticker
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These are month by month stickers. You put your child in a plain white outfit and put a sticker on their belly! Take a picture and compare each month. A great way to show how much your child has grown or changed during their first year. Many of my friends have also put a stuffed animal in the picture to have a true size comparison. It will be great for those kids that keep that treasured stuffy to look back and see that once they were the size of their treasured monkey!

Bath Thermometer
Baths are obviously a necessity. The problem is finding just the right temperature . I was taught to touch the water with your elbow to test it for your child.  This area is more sensitive than your hand and will generally work well for water testing!  I was however given a bath thermometer as a new mom as well. It was a floating one and I rarely remembered to put it in . This bath thermometer is different and allows solves one of my other problems with bath time! Making the faucet softer to prevent little heads from hitting the metal!
4moms® Spout Cover™
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How cool is this?!  Super easy installation and an accurate reading as well! This thing is even color coded to tell you the proper water temperature!! 

It is amazing that in just 2 years there are so many neat things that have hit the market for kids. While some of them are just fun gadgets that I would like to try, some do seem to be real problem solvers. Let me know if you have tried these, love these, or found another baby product that you love!