50 FREE activities to do with your Kids!

Summer is right around the corner and that means that the kids are going to be out of school soon and ready to play ALL DAY LONG!  What to do with those tots??!  I am the type of mom that does not want to have to drag my kids all over town and shell out all kinds of money to have my kids entertained.  I don't really have the desire, nor the budget to do this! So if is free and fun it is really up our alley. Check out this huge list of free, or almost free ideas for your family this summer!

1. Visit a Firehouse. Many fire stations have an open house during the year. If that does not align with your visit just ask if you can tour. Most fire stations are very happy to show the public around!

2. Make Sandcastles (or dirt castles if you have to !)


3. Visit your local park.

4. Make  a scavenger hunt ! If your child is old enough and can be responsible for finding and reading the clues you can engage them with reading in the summer!
5. play Four square!  a bit of chalk and a ball and you are set!
6.Visit your library
7. start a kid book club. Keep track of how many books they are reading and encourage them to share the books with their friends. This works even with three year olds!
8. Teach your child how to tend a garden. Watering the plants is one of my children's favorite things to do every morning! Pulling weeds is not a favorite but they do like to help mommy so we make it work! If you have seeds to plant... let them assist!

9. Make a fort
10. Camp in the back yard!
11. Have a picnic

12. Make a mud pie
13. Play a board game

14. Make an outside twister mat with chalk and then play away!! First time we did this we did not make a spinner so Mama bear just called out random body parts and colors. IT WAS A BLAST!
15. Attend a story time. Most libraries do child oriented programs so please take advantage!  If you can't make it to the library most bookstores do a weekly story hour as well!
16. Play with playdough!  Don't have any?! Make your own and throw in your favorite spice (cinnamon for my babes) so  that it smells nice when they play!Kool-Aid play dough    This playdough smells delicious and has a great texture and consistency. Another good thing about this play dough is that if it dries out all you have to do is add a little water to it and it is as good as new. So go ahead and whip some up today. You will be glad you did. I promise.
17.  Find a National park and attend for FREE!!! 
18.Have a tea party!
19. Have a water balloon fight! - nearly free as you can check the target dollar bins for 100 count pack of water balloons!
20. Attend a free festival - most festivals have free attendance but the food can get expensive. I throw on a backpack with some snacks and treats and go early. You miss the crowds and then the  kids play and are tired by lunch time. Come back home and eat !
21. Walk the Mall! Sounds silly but my kids did it all the time! They do not want to shop but they still like to look around!
22. Bake with your kiddos. This is my Daughters FAVORITE THING TO DO!
23. Visit the local animal shelter.
24. Go Geo caching with your kids! This is a new family favorite. You use GPS to search for items. If you don't have a GPS  just use the Geo caching into ap on your smart phone to get you started
25. Slip n slide-  Most of these can be purchased for $10 and under at Target or other box stores . Once you own it - it is free to use every summer!

26. Make a home video!
27. Put together a talent show.
28. Play Dress up

29.  Go Bowling for Free!  check out the Kids Bowl Free program
30. Go Fishing

31. Make a bed with tons of blankets and do a movie day or night with movies you borrowed from the library!
32.  Paint with Ice . Here is how...
33. Make Sun tea
34. Have a squirt gun fight

35. Make a craft
36. Search under rocks and stumps for bugs!
37. Make a baking soda volcano
38. Go for a walk
39. Play Hopscotch

40. Do a lemonade stand

41. Organize a Garage sale. Let the kids pick their own items to sell and let them keep the money they earn. Make sure they are involved in the sales process so they can learn to negotiate! Although lets be honest most times it just means an adult happily buys the item from the child for full price!
42. Turn Cardboard boxes into Spaceships!
43. Visit the zoo! Most zoos do a free Friday or two for local residents! Check out deals and discounts in your area
44.  Give a puppet show, or make a finger puppet theater

45. Do an archaeological dig in your back yard! I normally hid a dinosaur or two in the back and then let the kids go and find them. If they are not careful they will miss them in the dirt so we teach them to look hard and be careful with their dig! They don't want to disturb the bones of our 'SUPER OLD' Dinos!
46.  Play in the sprinkler
47. Make leaf rubbings