30 Easter Baskets Ideas Without the Sugar buZZ

Easter week is here and our shop is jumping.  I think many new moms have been adding Luvi blankets to Easter baskets for their sweet babies.  As we have been making plans to get these blankets to your baskets I have also been making plans on what I would like for my own two wee ones.

While I am not going to make the baskets completely candy free I would like to fill their baskets with a couple of fun items that will not have them bouncing off the walls!   Here are some great ideas for non candy Easter basket items!

 1. Bouncy Balls- These are small and fit perfectly into plastic Easter eggs - SO much better to have these balls bouncing rather than my children!
2. Small animals - I fill a few eggs with dinosaurs from the dollar store. If egg sized would be too small for your wee one for fear of them chewing on them then put one larger sized figure in the Easter grass in the basket!
3. Seed packets.  What says spring better than fresh flowers?!  How fun to plant flowers with your kids.  Planning activities with your children through gifting allows the fun to last much longer than twenty minutes on Easter Morning!
4. Chalk. Most stores offer very inexpensive chalk items and also have some chalk that is in the shape of bunnies! Perfect for the basket
5. Markers / crayons. My kids love to color and do it so much that we often are in need of new markers. Rather than just buy them and have them in the cupboard, why not incorporate them into the gift?! Sometimes I allow the kids to write their name on the package of new markers as they tend to take better care of the markers that are 'their own'.
6. Dollar coloring books. We fly through paper in our house so we ALWAYS need coloring books. There are so many options for Easter coloring books in the dollar store but I tend to like  a more universal coloring book because then the kids will want to use it past the Easter season!
7.  Lip gloss. My Daughter is OBSESSED with chapstick. If there is one in the house  I think she can smell it ...and she will find it!  It is not my usual practice to let her have her own so to receive one special in her basket would make her smile
8. Nail polish. This is for the older ones or ones that would let mommy confiscate it after opening their basket. I find painting nails fun one on one time. My son can be playing my himself and my daughter and I can do an activity! I also have been introduced to Jamberry nails and they are great for kids. They function more like stickers that stay on for a long time!  They sell patterns for kids and adults so you can match!
9. Pool toys.  We are lucky enough to almost be in pool season in the South, and I swear Northerners... it is coming! With that, we will need new pool toys!  Dive rings, goggles, etc.  are all fun active gifts for your kids.
10. Swim suits.  Same as above. Great necessity that can turn into a fun gift! If you add a beach towel it takes up a ton of room in the basket and you can fill the gaps with small fun things or the candy that you would like to add!
11. Bead necklaces. I love putting these in Easter eggs and putting them in the basket. It is a SUPER CHEAP way to add to our dress up collection.
12. Does your son or daughter play a favorite sport?  Why not add a ball to the basket.  I found if you buy a ball most times they are deflated and I can put a deflated soccer ball in the basket if I have a pump at the ready Easter morning!  A sleeve of tennis balls also fits nicely!
13. Silly Putty / Gak  -  usually you can find this for about a dollar and the kids will play with this over and over and over and over...
14. Glider planes . These balsa wood or foam planes are often found as impulse buys close to the cash register at toy stores!  Love these and so does my son!
15. Rubber bands for your Rainbow loom. The craze is still going  strong and what fun to be able to add some new spring colored rubber bands to your collection.

16. ITunes gift card.  I would give this to my son so that he is able to buy some new games or the frozen soundtrack! He has never gotten anything other than a free game so this would be a REAL treat for him!  Of course parent supervision would be a must with this one!
17. Super hero Cape.  Both my daughter and son would love this so don't discriminate... include all your kids. My daughter would love a pink cape with a black batman mask and my son would love to be superman!  Capes are quite easy to make and if you make them short you can do them for super cheap!  Just add some Velcro to the neck closure after you cut the correct shape and you are done.  Love these!
My Inspiration!
18. Hair clips. Again these can fit in eggs. I think I add them to eggs so that there is an element of surprise when my kids are opening their baskets!  I love to see the surprise and excitement

19. Glow sticks!  These are always a hit and if you give enough you can do a glow bath . You place all the glow sticks in the bath and turn off the lights. Super fun!
20. Slinky - everybody likes a Slinky!

21. Hot Wheels cars- Small enough  to fit in the gaps and cheap enough to be worth putting in there!
22. Stickers!  I love stickers and the great thing is that you can use them for your projects later on!  You can also find a sticker for pretty much any season or reason!
23.Small stuffed animals (OR LUVI BLANKETS!!)  this is a great idea for the 0 -2 year old set !  This age is pretty candy free so filling their baskets with cuddly love is a awesome!

24. Bubble Bath!
25. Have a child that loves to bake with you?? Give them their own measuring spoons!  Kitchen utensils are made in all different colors so you can find a  kid friendly set easily!

26. Spot it!  This game is great. It is easily played with two toddlers and can be learned at a young age!

27. Clothing.  My daughter goes GAGA for a tutu skirt. Really I don't know where she came from but I shall cave and include this in her Easter =)
28.Socks - Sounds silly but both my son and daughter love SOCKS!  They love socks because they love what comes on the sock. A teenage mutant ninja turtle makes anything cool at this point, and don't every doubt that we love some Doc McStuffins!
29. Jump rope -  Get those kids exercising and having fun!
30. A new toothbrush - I would say this would work well in my house because my kids have been begging for the vibrating toothbrush for a while. How cool is it that they will be excited and also really WANT to brush their teeth!

Ok ... no more list compiling... need to start putting together this basket!

Happy Easter Keepsakers.