Why Didn't I Think of That?

Wow!  I really can't believe that this never crossed my mind!  What a wonderful idea!  

Just tonight, we were at Chick-fil-a (mmmm....yum!  I know right?) and my daughter was trying to wash her hands.  But she was just a tad to short to reach the faucet.  I thought to myself "man, I wish the faucet just reached out a little bit further!  That would make life so much easier! (Granted...at home we have a stool, but at the restaurant, there wasn't one.)  But how nice would that be to not even have to use a stool??  

I know my 3 year old would be ecstatic and would feel like such a big girl!  This idea is GREAT for the adorable toddlers in our lives.  The blogger who blogged about this actually had 24 great tips that you really should have thought about, but didn't.  :)  

So enjoy!  The source is down below.  

Recycle a plastic bottle to make a faucet extender for smaller hands!