Noodle Baths - Making Bath Time FUN

I have been trying to come up with a way to add some fun to bath time . What I was looking for was an item that was easy, cheap and reusable!
Answer... A POOL NOODLE!  

I have found that these little buggers have many more uses than to just be a pool float.  Luckily, with  a pool around the corner from us we also have a few of these laying around so my kids are used to me using these for various crazy projects.  (Send me a comment if you want the 10 other uses for the noodles !)  With my history of crazy noodle inventions it really did not come as a surprise to the kids when I started bringing our pool noodles inside!
It took about 2 minutes to cut up the noodle into pieces. Tip:  If you use a serrated knife you can make short work of it!   I used two different color noodles to add variety and made different sizes as well. If you are working on colors you can do the rainbow in addition to the child identifying larger / smaller etc. Learning can be fun!

With a few cuts of the noodle my kids had a whole bathtub full of building blocks that were super easy and clearly water resistant!

If you are not a hoarder like myself (it literally would take me a week to clean my garage) you may not have noodles just hanging around.  If that is the case then the absolutely awesome part about this is that they are usually $1 - $2 tops at +Kmart  or +Walmart .  $2 bath treat that you can use for months!!

If you are being super resourceful you can also use extra foam pipe insulation that you have around the house or have purchased at  +The Home Depot  or +Lowe's Home Improvement

We have had tons of fun with our noodle builders and I sure do hope this is a help to a few of you out there. So have fun cutting up your noodles and bathing your babes!