Mommy Brain

Hello world, I am that mommy blogger that Aly mentioned in the last post! My name is Jenn and I do indeed have two little lovely munchkins of my own. Jacob came into our world 5 years ago and Emma came screaming in 2 years later. These two small bundles keep me on my toes and allow me to feel more light, love, and joy than I ever thought possible . It is my daily goal to keep them engaged, learning, helping, and generally just alive and well.
This is what the picture is supposed to look like

This is what my kids normally do. Awesome. Lucky lady right here ;)

Today started out like any other day but with one exception. I HAD to get a dessert made before I picked Jake up from preschool! Normally our baking adventures happen in the afternoon as everyone gathers around my butcher block kitchen table . Each person usually takes responsibility for one ingredient. Jake usually has the four, and Emma usually has her fingers in the sugar. Baking is an activity for us rather than a necessity. Today however, was not a normal day.  Jake had already been sent off to preschool so Emma was ready for some mommy and me time. She knew we were baking and she thought... no Jake?.. more for Emma to do. I thought... no Jake?.... mommy can do this VERY QUICKLY! Oh... Silly should know better!

The first thing I needed to do was to cut a bunch of bananas into slices. While I knew Emma wanted to help,  I just wanted this part of the recipe done and out of the way. Handing my toddler a knife and telling her to have at it didn't seem like the best idea.  I figured it was time to engage my mommy brain. You know at the gym when you are doing a workout and it is just too terribly difficult and the instructor gives you a modification?  ( hello pushups on my knees ) Well this is how I look at my mommy brain. I am her teacher, her instructor, her mommy, who can make modifications to our tasks so that she can develop the skills she may need later ( even if it may take a step or two extra now).  So....out of nowhere my mommy brain kicked in and we found a simple yet thrilling (to my three year old) solution.  AN EGG SLICER!!

 Who would have thought that an egg slicer's wires are just far enough apart to make great fruit slices!  I broke each banana into one or two chunks, handed the egg slicer to her, watched to make sure she understood how to keep her fingers out of the way, and Voila!

My three year old happily completed four perfectly sliced bananas .  I smiled because she was so proud of herself and that half an hour was spent together rather than playing apart. Simple, effective, and loving. Now if only all of my modifications were that successful!

ok... we are off to slice some strawberries ... =)