A graduation for Kinder Keepsakes... who is going to sew the cap and gown?!

Well we have good news at www.kinderkeepsakes.com !  The response to our hand crafted products has been so great that we are having a graduation of our own.  We are graduating from a one woman show to a two 'man' team by adding a fellow mommy blogger.

I guess I should sew myself a cap and gown! 

Our new lovely lady is Jennifer Smith.

Jenn has two small munchkins of her own. Jacob is a rough and tumble 5 year old boy and her daughter Emma is 3 going on 13! Her little lovable tots keep her running, keep her crafty, and keep her full of new fun ideas to entertain, engage, and encourage. I have no doubt that as we move onto our new phase that you will still see a blog that is full of fun, laughter and new ideas.

Happy Graduation  Day  Kinder Keepsakes!