The Top 5, super, awesome, entertaining, things to do with your kids

I am telling you, life is good :)  Since I have quite nannying, I feel like I am a lot more engaged and present with my girls.  And I know THEY can tell a difference in my attitude as well.  One of daughter's has had a cold and she so lovingly gave it to her older sister.  Whoppi!  Let's just spread all that "love" around right?  Well, I guess that is the way it is in families.  You share everything.  Including germs.

But, even though my girlies were sick today we still spend a lot of time together reading books and watching movies on the couch.  It was chill day.  And I only got dressed (at 4:45pm I might add), because I had a piano student coming over for a lesson.  I love those days when you can just lounge around and spend time with loved ones.  The dishes in the sink--stay in the sink--for another day.  The house may not be clean, but it's okay, because I am doing what is most important.  Spending time with family.

As I was sitting on the couch today watching "Stuart Little" (I love that movie!); I was thinking of some fun activities I could do with the girls.   Things that would allow them to have fun, but also help them to keep their minds and hands learning and active.

I began scouring "Pinterest" for some good ideas.  And here are 5 really fun activites I found!  I can't wait to get started!  Wish us luck!  And enjoy those "non-productive" days with your kids.  They will slip past without you even blinking.  They grow up to fast.

The TOP 5
things to do with your kids
(Clever title right?  Now I have your attention. *smile*)

1.  Create your own puzzles with pictures of your own!  :)  Print the template on transparent paper or plastic.  Then just lay the picture underneath and trace and cut out.  Or just cut it out directly.  You can do this with photos or drawing or whatever you want :)  PUZZLE is a 5 x 7.

  Puzzle template to create your own puzzles (more sizes on site)

2.  Making your paint.  Even safe for babies!  Flour, water, and food coloring.  

Paint for babies- flour, water, food coloring . Safe if eaten!

3.  Making paper plate farm animals

Paper Plate Farm animals--- So fun to do with kids!

4.  Make masking tape race car tracks!  :)

Masking Tape Race Track

5.  Fluffy Stuff (2 boxes of cornstarch and 1 can of shaving cream; food coloring if desired)= mold-able fun!

Fluffy Stuff (2 boxes cornstarch and 1 can shaving cream; color if desired) -- moldable

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