A lot can happen in a day.  I woke up Monday morning still a nanny for 2 extra kids, and then by 12pm I had quit.  I have nothing against nannying.  There were just conflicts of interest and it just wasn't working.  So after 6 months of nannying and a steady income all that was gone.

Luckily I had started teaching piano lessons and flute lessons on the side.  I have found that I LOVE IT!  But now, (since I no longer nanny)  it needs to be a steady income for me.  So in addition to my Kinder Keepsakes business, I now get  to teach piano and flute lessons!  :)  Whoohoo! It is so fulfilling and I love teaching music.  I hope that my kids will learn to love music as well.  There is just something that is so precious and beautiful about music.

So, if you would like private flute or piano lessons let me know!!  :)   I don't just do face to face lessons, I also do lessons over skype via webcam (for flute).  Which makes it so that I can teach all over the world.  I just love technology.  It's wonderful.  As far as piano I just do local lessons so if you live near Lexington, SC I would love to teach you :)

I teach beginning thru intermediate.  Here is a link to check out all the details (for flute):

So please comment and let me know what you think.  Is there anything I need to know before starting this journey?  Or if you have any great sites or places I can advertise that would be great :)  Oh, how I love music.  It feels my heart with joy :)  Here is to a new chapter in my life.... 

PS- I will continue to do my sewing as well, so if you need a great shower gift or something let me know :)

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