Homemade Valentines Flowers


I just love Valentine's day!  It is so much fun!  What better way to spend a day focusing on the love you have for others.  :)  Well, this year I had forgotten to pick up Valentine's for my daughter's preschool class.  I was just going to go to the store and pick up some pre packaged ones and have Kyrah just write her name on them.  But then, I thought--you know what?  I need to be a more involved mom and really make her feel special and loved.  Plus, why spend money on Valentines when you can make them instead.  It's cheaper, plus it shows you care because you spent the time to make them.

 So we made Valentine's flowers for each child in her preschool class.  It was really easy and fun, and Kyrah even learned how to spell her name all by herself!  I am one proud mama!

Here is how we made our flowers:

Valentine's Day Flowers

Materials you will need:

red or pink construction paper
white construction paper
small lid
heart cookie cutter
drinking straws
crayons or stickers (optional)

1.  Trace a circle (a small lid will do), a heart (you can free hand it or trace a cookie cutter or something),  and make some green leaves.

2.  Cut them all out.

3.  Tape the heart to the circle and then tape the circle to the straw, then tape the leaves to the middle of the straw.

4.  Feel Free to decorate with stickers or crayons or however you want.  (We put a little smile face sticker in the center of the heart.)

You can put them in a can with beans to have a "flower garden" or you can just hand them out to your family or friends.  They are unique and fun and a little twist on the typical valentine :)  Happy Valentine's Day!!