Feature Friday: The Perfect Houzz

Since we moved into a new house recently, the way I have wanted to decorate and display the things in my home has changed.  Obviously with a new house comes different space that you have never used before.  Now, in our case we went from an 1150 sq ft house to a 2100 sq ft house with an extra bedroom, play room, music room, an extra 1/2 bath and a huge yard.

So now, I have been blessed with all of this space and I have had no CLUE what do with it!  Let's just say, decorating is not really my specialty.  And unfortunately, I don't really have the money to hire an interior decorator.  (That would be pretty cool if I did though.)  So I decided to just google interior decorating ideas for different rooms etc.

As I began searching, I realized how much there really was out there!  It's crazy how many tips and trends and fashions there are to making your house a home.  Well, during my rigorous search for all the answers, I stumbled upon a little gem of a website, called HOUZZ.

Oh my gosh!  This website is absolutely amazing.  It the "pinterest" of house decoration and style.  The great thing about it, is that it is all in pictures.  Which for me is huge because I am such a visual person.  So I could actually SEE what I liked and didn't like and get a feel for what would match and not etc. and so on...

The other cool thing about this website is that you can "save" things into your different IDEA BOOKS.  So that you can save them for later and really start building a portfolio.  You can make different room "idea books" or however you want to separate it out.  So if you want to build a house, or even just buy or rent a house, you will have thousands of ideas to work with.  All right at your finger tips.  I have gotten SO many ideas for my house, and we are just renting.  I am telling you...it's addicting.  They also have an app, so you can browse right from your phone.  And best of all it's free!

So go crazy and build your perfect house--or get fresh and ideas to update the one you already have!
Happy decorating!


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