crazy busy = missing blog posts

Wing-it Wednesday!

I've been having orders coming out of my ears, taking care of my girls, trying to finish an online class, and  have been driving around town like crazy because we only have one car now.  (My hubby wants to buy a motorcycle to save gas money, so we sold the car and are now waiting 'til he finds his bike.)  I forgot what an adjustment it is to go back to a one-car family :)  But I'm sure we'll manage some how, some way!

So I just want to apologize if my postings are sparse for the next month or so.  Things will start slowing down around June and I will pick up my normal schedule!  So until then only expect me to post once to twice a week :)  Thanks for understanding!

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Just for kicks:  Look at what my hubby bought me yesterday!  He is such a sweetheart!  They are soooo comfy!!