Organizing Play

Toddler Tuesday!

Hey Ya'll!  

It's good to be home.  This past weekend we had a lot of fun!  We were able to spend a bunch of time with family and friends.  My sister is getting married in June and we had a wedding shower for her.  It was great!  They got a lot of things for their home.  I am so happy for them.  They are so good for each other.   And yesterday we went on our last ski trip of the season.  It was a bit icy/wet sticky snow, but it was still fun.  Kyrah is doing SOOO good with skiing.  I am so proud of her!  She is becoming quite the little ski bunny.  

We are still waiting to hear where Ry (my hubby), has gotten into school.  The wait is KILLING me!  But hopefully we will know this week!  I will keep you posted!

So, I love that my kids like to play.  I think it is a healthy and that is what kids do!  The part that I don't like it cleaning up.  It's frustrating when all the toys are out and there is no place for them.  I just felt like there were piles and piles of toys everywhere.  I am not a super organized person but the toys everywhere were DRIVING ME CRAZY!  I was almost temped to throw everything away.  (I'm sure my kids would not appreciate that.)

That is when I realized things needed to change.  

So, I made labels for everything!  It was really fun actually.  I got online and found pictures of all the toys we owned.  (If I couldn't find they exact toy, I got a similar picture.)   I printed them all out on card stock and laminated them and taped them to all of the toy buckets.  I decided to do pictures so that my little girls could know exactly where things go.  It has been amazing!  Clean up is breeze and it make playing more enjoyable.  And even my almost 2 year old knows where things go.  

So even if it is something as simple as printing out written labels that works too, just make sure that everything has a place and you will have one happy mama (and kids!)  :) 

Here are some pictures of the labels I made for my kid's toy buckets.  Enjoy!

Have fun organizing your play!