Getting in the way of life

Wing-it Wednesday.

Today I had a whole other post planned.  But when I sat down to write it, it just didn't seem to be what I needed to write today.  So, without arguing I switched gears and this is what came out.

Do you ever feel like your life can get in the way of your life?  Like things just come up without even asking you if it's ok??  I've been feeling like that.  Not, that I am not blessed or anything.  Because I LOVE my life, and my kids and my amazing, adorable hubby!  But you know, those days when you set out to do one thing and then something else comes up and consumes you.  You kinda feel lost?  Like--what was I supposed to do again?

It's times like this when I am grateful that I am able to ask for my Heavenly Father's guidance in what I am supposed to do.  No matter what, I always feel peace after a hectic day or a big decision that is looming, as long as I check in with the Man upstairs.  Because He can see everything and more.  He knows what I need and what I should be doing, even before I do.

I find that with this blog, I want to always post things that will be helpful and things that will be interesting to read for other moms.  And don't get my wrong!  I LOVE that part!   But then there are other times where I feel like I just want to share my personal thoughts and feelings; like today.

I am an ordinary mom/wife and life isn't always about THE BLOG...or THE PICTURES to capture the moment.  Sometimes it's just plain LIVING the moment.    Being in tune enough with the spirit to know where my life will take me, not trying to dictate how I think my life should go.  Whether that is my girls and I, playing on the floor with duplo-blocks and making the tallest tower we can.  Or reading a story.  Taking time to cherish those precious moments instead of checking that one more thing off my list.  That is what this life is about.  

So stop for a moment.  Don't let your life get in the way of your life!

So here is to LIVING the moment and enjoying the ride...wherever it might take us.