First Hair Cut

Ok, so I know this is going to be a little silly to some of you.  But last night, my baby girl (who is 3.5 years old) got her hair cut for the first time.  It was very bittersweet for me because her first hair cut means she is growing up. She's not my little baby any more.

The other reason we have put it off for so long is because my hubby LOVES long hair and he didn't want to cut it because she has such beautiful curly hair.  It seriously looks like I curl her hair every day.   They are beautiful ringlets.  I have say I am a bit jealous.  Kyrah did so well getting her hair cut!  I was so proud of her.  It's hard for a little 3 year-old to stay still, but she did so well.  (Considering she was worried that cutting her hair would "hurt.")  She cried about it the night before until I explained to her that cutting your hair is not like cutting your hand or something.  It doesn't hurt. She was ok after that.  Kids are so simple and pure, I love that.

 Being such a mom, I had to take pictures.  So I did.  Here is a great milestone!  My baby Kyrah growing up.

                                  From this....                    to....                                 THIS!

She is such a big girl now!  We love you Kyrah!