Featured Today: Forever Andrea {Gift Boutique}

Feature Friday!

We all love our babies and toddlers to pieces.  But let's face it, our little ones won't stay babies and toddlers forever.  They will grow up.  As much as you don't want believe it, it will happen.  Some of you may already have older kids in your homes!  Aren't they a joy?  Built in baby-sitters right?  (gotta love that!)  They are able to do everything themselves and they are starting to discover who they really are.

Our little girls always get spoiled with little gifts here and there.  But what about the teenagers.  They deserve to get a little praise too!  After all, it's hard being a teen/tween!

This is where I would like welcome FOREVER ANDREA {Gift Boutique}.  owner Dawnmarie.

"Handmade crochet hats and scarves for teens and tweens, little girl jewelry, pretty bobby pins, big flower rings and other fun stuff!" ~ Dawnmarie

Each item is handmade and is very high quality material.  So you will be getting the best and it will last!  Show your teens and tweens that they are special and unique and deserve to be treated as the queens that they are!  I know my girls would absolutely LOVE this stuff!  What girl doesn't want to be hip and stylish?

Go check out Forever Andrea's  FACEBOOK PAGE!  She will be doing a hat giveaway soon, once she reaches 2,000 fans!  So don't miss out on this great opportunity!  Go check out this shop!  You won't regret it!