DIY: Hot Chocolate Drums!!

Thrifty Thursday!  (well...rrr...Saturday??)

So, you know how sometimes you get caught up in changes that are happening around you and once that happens you get sucked in and everything else doesn't matter?  Well, that's my excuse.  lol.  I've been house hunting.  That's right, we are looking to buy our very first home.  

It's doesn't matter that we don't know where we are moving to yet.  I have to check out every possibility.  We should hopefully know where we are going in a month or so.  (Believe me, I CANNOT WAIT!) So my eyes have been glued to the computer for about 2 days straight.  Searching for the best deals on houses.  I have seen hundreds and hundreds of houses in all different areas.  I have seen so many homes that when I close my eyes to go to sleep I see pictures of houses in my head.  I dream about them too.  I think there is something wrong with me. lol!  But it's been fun!  

I have found my dream home (not in our price range of course), and I have found our dream price (not in our dream home of course).   So I am still looking for the happy balance.  And I am loving EVER SINGLE MINUTE!  I am ready to have a home that is our own, and all that comes with it.  It will be a good learning experience.  I have found a few potentials which makes me very hopeful.  Do you have any tips for a first time home buyer?  Being as we have never bought a house before--we could definitely use the advice.

My family is getting ready to enter another chapter in our lives and we could not be more excited!  With a Master's degree under his belt now, hopefully after my hubby gets his PHD...he won't feel like he needs more school...we will see though :)

Ok, so I know that was a little off topic--(well, I guess it's good to be thrifty when you are house hunting to right?  So I guess it still fits.)

This post was supposed to be done on Thursday and it is now Saturday.  So here is to Thrifty Saturday!

So many people drink a cup of coffee each morning.  Well, I drink a cup of hot chocolate each morning.  No joke.  Even in the summer.  I LOVE that stuff.  I just starts my day off right.  Well, because I go through hot coco like it's water, I have a bunch of hot chocolate cans laying around.  I like to keep them as containers or something, because I know I will use them someday!  Well, that someday came!  

I was trying to figure out what we could do with all these cans and the thought occurred to me...DRUMS!  My girls are always banging on the tables with pencils, hands, duplo-blocks or whatever they can find.  This would be perfect.  And that is how our Hot Chocolate Drums were born :)  My kiddos LOVED them.  Hope yours do to :)  They are very simple to make, and they make a lot of embrace it!

Hot Chocolate Drums

Here is the tutorial:

1.)  Fill your hot chocolate can with beans.  (This makes them a shaker and a drum in one.)  I just put in enough to cover the bottom of the can.

2.)  Hot glue the lid on so it's sealed and cannot be taken off.

3.)  Feel free to add tape if you want.  (I was worried my 3 year old would still try and pull the lid off so I added tape as a re-enforcement.  But I think the tape makes it look less appealing.  I think with just hot glue you should be fine.)

4.)  This is my favorite part, you cover your hot chocolate can with your favorite scrap book paper.  (You may have to cut it to fit the can.)  I used hot glue to attach it to the can.

5.)  BONUS:  If you want to get really creative, you can add a piece of yarn or string and tie it around the can so they can wear it around their neck.  My girls thought that was pretty cool!

A fun and simple activity to do with your kids!  Have fun!  Go little drummers, go!