The best 2 days

I can't let a day go by without expressing my gratitude and love for General Conference.  For those of you
who don't know what that is, it's a special meeting held twice a year by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  And this weekend is the lucky weekend!

Today (March 31, 2012) and tomorrow (April 1, 2012) is when the Prophet and leaders of our church speak to us.  We all come together in one great meeting ALL OVER THE WORLD!  That is why technology is such a beautiful thing because we are able to just sit in our homes and watch it over the internet.

I won't get all preachy or anything, but let me just say that this is the best two days that happen every six months for me!  I get to check in within myself and see how I can improve and better myself as a wife, mother, and as a person.  It lifts me up when I am feeling down, and gives me such a feeling of hope and fulfillment that I am on the right path.

Everyone is welcome to watch HERE.

Here are some quotes from some the leaders of the Church that really touched me and inspired me from today's sessions.

"Don't delay, it's getting late."~Jeffery R. Holland

"Our Heavenly Father did not put us on this earth to fail, but to succeed gloriously!"~ Richard G. Scott

"No little one. You cannot come to me now.  But, I can come to you."~ (Heavenly Father speaking) from a story that was told by one of the General Authorities.

Just remember, that no matter how rough things get, we are here for a reason.  We are here to overcome our trials and to "succeed gloriously!  With our Heavenly Father's help.  We are never alone.

My daughter Kyrah touched me today.  She drew a picture of President Monson; our prophet while we were listening to conference.

Then, she asked me if we could go to his house and play tomorrow.

I almost cried right there.  Our children's faith is so simple and so sincere.  They believe anything is possible.  Even going over to President Monson's house.  :)  I thought I was going to teach Kyrah about the Prophet today, but instead, she taught me.  What a beautiful thing.

I appreciate you letting me share something that is so precious and sacred to me.  Have a fabulous weekend and I hope it brings you joy!