To fold or not to fold...that is the question

So last night was laundry night...again...*sigh.*  I washed all the laundry and then separated it and was getting ready to put it in the little kiddo's drawers.  I sat down and proceeded to start folding everything and putting it away.  Then I stopped.

 Wait, why I am doing this again?

Kyrah always picks her clothes out by herself anyway, and it gets all messed up in less than a day.  Syd likes to pull out her clothes and jump all over them.  So I am constantly putting the clothes away.

If I have to keep putting clothes back in the drawer over and over just to have them messed up IN the drawer, is it really worth folding them?  Would I be a bad mom if I just put the clothes in the drawers (in the right spots of course), without folding them?

What do you think?  What have you done with your kids?