Sew-vivor Sewing Competition: Baby Graduation Cap and Gown

Sewing Saturday!

So, as many of you know, I am participating in the "Sew-vivor" contest over at Family Ever After Blog.  So this post will be about the sewing project that I am submitting.  If you would like to submit something yourself please do!

Are you graduating? Or is a loved one?
No one should be left out of this wonderful celebration!  Great accomplishments should  be shared with everyone.  Let your little one enjoy the wonderful experience with you!  This little cap and gown is one-of-a-kind and can be used for any graduation.

It comes with it's own frame-able diploma to remember that special day.

The cap and gown is made with polyester cotton and is very "kid-friendly."  This cap and gown is handmade by me.

Here are some pictures!  Enjoy!

*If you would like to purchase a Baby Graduation Cap and Gown for YOUR special day, go to:
Baby Graduation Cap and Gown

Have a great weekend!