If ever you need a good laugh...

I've had a hard couple of days lately.  My daughter Kyrah has had an ear infection and has not been the happiest kid.  Endless crying and tantrums, and completely inconsolable.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.   Let's just say, I probably would not have won the "Best Mom Award" yesterday.  But I guess that comes with the territory right?  And as moms we are allowed to have those hard days.  But the important thing, is to start over the next day and be ready to tackle whatever life throws at us, and not let it get us down. 

Well, if ever you are in of a good laugh and something to cheer you up on those..."not so good days" of being a mom,  just think of the special, funny times of being a mom and it will cheer you right up!  It's good to remember those times in the times of stress and frustration.  It's all worth it, being a mom!